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Search Engines
Search Engines - an introduction.
You probably know what google and Yahoo are. You might understand how they work.
Do you know why some other horrible looking site with nothing to do with what you sell is ranking higher than you for your chosen keywords?

My own SEO strategy is working.
Is it? Are you getting visitors from your rankings? Having the top spot in search results is useless if it delivers only a handful of potential customers per day.

How we differ from other SEO "experts".
Once upon a time, SEO was all about picking a keyword or keyphrase that captured the essence of what your site did. Once you had this keyword/phrase, the next step was to follow a formula for how often it needed to appear, where on the page, in the titles, key words and so on.

These days this old school SEO, while still correct in the theory, is performing poorly simply beacuse of the massive competition you now face from your industry competitor sites.

Think of us as being "new skool" with our SEO approach. We work to identify the keywords and key phrases you should be targeting. With the extensive research and in house tools we have available to us we find those "little gem" words and phrases that actually have traffic because people are using them to search for your products.

We have chosen to limit the number of clients from any particular niche or industry so we do not end up undoing the good we have done for past clients.

If you find this less than impressive go use one of those experts that guarantees you a top 10 listing for your business. If you understand just how important what we offer is, you need to be contacting us very soon to get an SEO campaign under way for your site.

Why you should choose us.
We have done extensive work with search engines and our knowledge gained in this time can benefit you.

During the consultancy we analyse your site for keywords, key phrases, saturation, use of links, backlinks, black and grey hat mistakes you may have made, your current SERPs and the level of SEO currently on your site.

After preparing a report for you on your current SEO position, we then work to identify how we can improve the visitors coming into your site from search engines.

If you take nothing else away from reading this page, drill this into your brain -
Paying to get top 10 results is a false economy.
Paying to get any result that brings actual visitors to your site is money well spent.

By now, if you understand what it is we offer you'll be feeling excited at the potential our service has for your business. If you still don't get it, go spend a fortune on those "guaranteed top 10 result" people.

What your invested cash buys you.
Initially, our service is all about gathering data from your site to better understand the dynamics of the traffic you have and the flow paths it uses through your site. This process takes up to a month to complete, and the cost to your business is a mere $100.

A report is then produced outlining what we see as problem areas within your website. For example, if you have tons of information pages that stand between your surfer and a sale, the information we gather will tell us if those pages are preventing your surfers from buying. Now that is important information.

These problem areas can often impact on your site SEO. The report will then analyse in depth other SEO factors in place in your site. The cost to your business for this report will be from $250 depending on the size of your site.

With this information in hand we can then start researching and analysing search engine data to give you a more productive strategy going forward for your website. This research is intensive and again will cost from $250 depending on the size of your site.

Your minimum investment is going to be $600, quotes are available before you commit.

Our results VS the "Guaranteed top 10 listing".
It is widely recognised by those selling on the internet that for every sale you make you will need an average of 200 people come to your site and view your products. These ratios will vary depending on how much competition you have. What is important to know is that search engine traffic is the best converting traffic available, and once you have your SEO strategy in place, it's FREE.

Our service is not concerned with getting you "top 10 listings", we are only interested in maximising the number of search engine visitors to your site.

If this still isn't ringing any bells, consider this - one of our clients before they used our service held the #1 spot for a search term specific to their industry. This #1 spot sent a whopping 1 visitor per day. After using our service we were able to get them "top 20" results for other keyphrases, also specific to their industry, that were sending hundreds of hits per day.

They were able to recoup the cost of our service in the first 3 weeks, purely from the extra sales generated from their new search engine listings.

Consultation service.
This is an expensive service because it utilises years of learnt skills and experience. We understand that some budgets just can't cover the money we are asking for this service.

In recognition of this we offer a consultation service that charges on an hourly basis.

To use this service it is up to you to identify what you think are the problem areas of your webiste, and you can then ask us to give you feedback on improving those areas. Costing for this is $150 per hour or part of.

What software would you recommend if I still want to do this myself?
Contrary to what you may hear and read, if you are not using software, you are wasting your time. Buying software does not guarantee you results, you actually have to take time to learn it, and surprisingly you then need to use it.

SEO Elite and Keyword Elite both unleash information you are going to cry over, and all at the click of a button.

I can spend a mere 10 minutes using Keyword Elite to think of keywords and phrases, then letting SEO Elite do exhaustive research on competitiors sites, the top ranking sites, the top rated keywords on those sites and all their backlinks to name a few. In a typical run I can be analysing 5000 key words and phrases and it all happens while I'm happily outside enjoying the fresh air doing some gardening.

Then there is the bonus of having information at your fingertips that even as a seasoned SEO you would never have known about before. Learn about the linking structures your competitiors use, the authority sites they have links from and even how many of those top 10 sites are owned by the same entity.

Check out SEO Elite and Keyword Elite, and save yourself immeasurable hours of potentially wasted time.

If you have an email address connected to a whois for the domain your business owns, then you will have seen one of these or hundreds of their variants:
Top ten listings guaranteed.
Get listed in Google for $XXX
Your site submitted to 100 000 search engines!

These claims are real, they really can guarantee you a top 10 listing - for a phrase that has little to do with your business.

They can submit your site at great expense - when you can do it for free.

And yes they can submit your site to thousands of other sites - and risk your site being penalised by google and yahoo.