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Looking for websites and domain names.
I want to buy your domains or websites!

I'm in the game of building websites for people, and in the process I collect interesting domain names for myself and add them to my collection.

I'm taking a change in my internet strategy side of the business and I am now looking to buy domains or websites. If you have a domain sitting around and are looking to get rid of it before it expires, please send me the details of your little gem.

Your domain MUST be .com or .net - the others truly are worthless, unless you owned something like and I am not prepared to spend quite that much cash.

You will need to provide me with proof of-
  • Income from the site if it is commerce oriented. I'm in this game and have been for many years so I know a pile of bull dung when I sniff it. I need refering URLs and screen caps of sponsor stats.
  • Traffic statistics. If the site is over 12 months old then I want 12 months worth of stats. Not just visitors in, I want refering URLs, IPs, pages visited - the works. I'm not in the business of paying for botnet traffic either.
  • Proof of ownership of the domain. When we close the deal you will provide me with a scan of a government issued photo ID. This will of course match your WHOIS data for the domain.

  • I am not looking for hate, warez or sites with content that would be deemed illegal. I will look at adult sites and gambling sites if they are offered.

    You need to have a realistic expectation of what your site is worth. By all means, use an online appraisal service to see what your domain is unrealistically worth. Don't feel offended to find out your site is "worth $50k" when I offer you closer to $500.

    As a rule of thumb, I will pay a maximum of 2 to 3 months income for a site, and
  • I do not take into account value of scripts simply because I have my own favourites I will use instead
  • I do not add value for a design
  • The only factor that affects my offer is length and meaning to the domain name you have

  • All sales will be finalised through an escrow service, and we will split the fees for this.

    If you think you have a domain that qualifies and are interested in an offer from me, click here, use the contact form and send me the domain name so I can start the process.